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Brochure stand

Special Points of Interest Stand.

We have 46 amounts of stands for brochures placed in very strategic places within Sweden. We call them Special Points of Interest stands. Applying this strategy we ensure that the material is clearly visible and is situated in very attractive places with the highest exposure potential. We effectively market your business in the best possible way.

Our ambition is that our Special Points of Interest Stands will be located in places that have at the very minimum 1000 visitors per day. You simply choose which Special Points of Interest Stand your material should be visible on and under which time period. On the included map you can easily see where our Special Points of Interest stands are located.

We will ensure that stands are continuously restocked, are clean and tidy and that they all have optimized location points.

Are you finding it stressful keeping your own information stand updated? Our qualified staff can readily assist with the restocking of your own local information stand. If you are interested in applying for this service simply contact Göran Johansson for a quote.

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